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Although the restaurant is just meters away from a busy crossroad, you cannot hear the traffic. Instead, sparrows chirping on a huge tree spreading over the glass patio give the illusion of being close to nature.

- China Daily, Link

吃完这一餐,你偶然得知菜单的设计者曾供职意大利四季酒店和希尔顿酒店,他还曾是车神valentino rossi御厨,就不难理解为何这家店有如此功力。出门排队带一份秋栗香的栗子归家,以此结束一个完整的大城美食之旅。

- Timeout Beijing, Link

The upstairs veranda could easily host a private party, especially since it includes a barbecue. For a more covered option, a separate "indoor garden" room will also function as a dining area/private party room.

- Beijinger Magazine, Link


- Life Style, Link

The pizzas, which are brought out from the kitchen and sliced at the bar, are also not to be missed. The prosciutto e funghi pizza, topped with mushrooms, imported Parma ham, parmesan shavings, tomato and mozzarella on a crispy thin crust, was fantastic for its simplicity, the way pizzas should be made.

- China Daily, Link


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